SCSDEMP WellETO 30® initiatives


Introducing our SCADEMP® APPROACH Training Program, now available for online training!

This program is designed to help companies prioritize the health and well-being of their employees through practical and effective strategies of SCADEMP Approach. Our expert trainers will guide participants through modules on SCADEMP Concepts and this specific tool.

With flexible online access, companies can easily implement this training program for their entire team. Invest in the health and productivity of your workforce today with our SCADEMP Corporate Health Approach Training Program.

Book this online training today to learn how we can help your business create a healthier workforce, you will receive an official email with details of the contract and further steps.

This training program of this tool contains all the needed concepts from the following list:

SCADEMP Concepts:

  • If you didn’t find it , please create it®
  • OMCH Advocates®
  • SCADEMP Risk Assessment Formula®
  • Second Nature®
  • Corporate Health Manager®
  • Tailored Categories®
  • storytelling cascade®

You can discover other training programs on other SCADEMP Tools from the following list:


  • CORPETAC® Tool (CORPorate Education, Training And Communication)
  • OMCH Team Selection Checklist®
  • WHEC Tool® “Workplace Hazard Exposure Categorization Tool”
  • Adaptipro® SCADEMP Tool®
  • SCADEMP Tools® Policytel ®
  • SCSDEMP WellETO 30 ® initiatives

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