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Drive your innovation forward

ACRINOVA acts as a catalyst bringing together academia, businesses, government and investors to translate bright ideas and research into the marketplace. We do this by giving our customers access to the right experts, equipment, networks, funding and more connecting the dots for effective innovation.

Work with us to defer capital and workforce investments until your product or process is proven at scale.

ACRINOVA is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.

Find the right support

Receive support from our experts, and connect with our network of investors and partners.

Access world-class facilities

Receive access to specialist innovation facilities for R&D, process development and scale-up work.

Work the way you want

Fully customised, flexible projects and service options to fit your specific needs.

Building a Culture of corporate Wellness

Care about Corporate Employees…

From Hire to Retire

At Acrinova, we understand the importance of occupational health and safety for businesses and their employees. Our team of experienced professionals offers a range of occupational medicine solutions, including pre-employment medical assessments, drug and alcohol screening, workplace ergonomics assessments, and health risk assessments.

Our services are designed to help businesses ensure the health and safety of their employees, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions that meet their requirements.

ACRINOVA Corporate Wellness Solutions’ team of dedicated wellness and occupational specialists provides onsite support and virtual consultations. Our team includes professionals with expertise in exercise science, nutrition, behavior change, mental health and injury prevention.


Innovated to Ensure Excellence


SCADEMP Approach® …. Is a methodology innovated by Professor Ahmed A. Albadry, an expert and consultant in occupational medicine and healthcare quality who has twenty years of experience in designing occupational healthcare systems for various organizations, including hospitals and industrial organizations.

SCADEMP Approach have many inventions that introduced for the first time in the world, and in the same time use processes or platforms that have already been invented before from others, to create a successful approach that will satisfy the organizational needs and have different corporates ready to apply and benefit from it.


Healthcare Quality & Accreditation

Hummanizing Healthcare

ACRINOVA helps our healthcare corporate clients meet the essential expectations that every person has of the healthcare system: access, experience and outcomes.


People need Access to convenient, equitable and affordable care no matter where they live. In this era of personalized and convenient service in industries such as banking or retail.


People expect a similar Experience from healthcare. This is why 92% of health executives rank delivering a highly personalized experience as a top strategic priority


Improving health access and experience contributes directly to better care, which will ultimately yield more positive Outcomes

Cloud-Based Corporate Health Plateform

OCCUBI is secure cloud-based software system allows your Occupational Health department to run more effectively and efficiently.
Companies and health care providers use OCCUBI, to support their occupational health initiatives in critical areas such as regulatory compliance and surveillance programs.